If you have lost your job in today's difficult economy, and are struggling to make mortgage payments and support your family — if a dependence on credit cards or mounting medical debt has put you in serious financial difficulty — you need solutions for debt relief, and you need them now.

"After clients talk to me, they often feel great relief because they understand there is a way to address their debt, and their circumstances are not as dire as they thought." — Kevin F. O'Brien

Kevin F. O'Brien's skills and versatility as a lawyer allow him to excel in a variety of practice areas that include:

When you meet with Mr. O'Brien about your debt problems, we will have you describe your particular circumstances and present all relevant financial documents for our careful review, to determine your best option. We will then consider any alternatives that may be preferable to a bankruptcy filing and discuss any concerns you may have about what can be kept during bankruptcy, and our attorney will provide his assessment of the debt relief plan that is right for you.

Contact O'Brien Law Firm, LLC. We offer free initial consultations Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Weekend and evening appointments are available by request and initial deposit. Call toll free — 866-504-5969.

Kevin F. O'Brien is licensed to practice in Tennessee as well as Mississippi, in order to assist clients in the Greater Memphis area.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.