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Charges of driving under the influence (DUI) do not always involve alcohol. The use of other substances (such as marijuana) combined with driving can result in serious criminal charges. Whether you have been arrested on suspicion of your first DUI or are facing the consequences involved with multiple convictions, you need immediate and aggressive representation.

Kevin O'Brien, an associate of the O'Brien Law Firm, LLC, is licensed only in Mississippi. He handles the criminal cases at the firm and represents individuals who have been charged with DUI in northwestern Mississippi. Contact a Southaven DUI defense attorney by calling us at 662-655-1012 or toll free at 866-504-5969.

DeSoto County Driver's License Suspension Attorney

Many questions surrounding drunk driving charges involve the Breathalyzer test. In Mississippi, refusal to submit to a breath test results in an automatic license suspension without the option of later obtaining a hardship license. Failing a Breathalyzer test leaves open the possibility of getting a temporary license and maybe even a hardship license in some instances.

In the moments following an arrest on suspicion of DUI or any other criminal charge, legal representation is paramount. The sooner Kevin O'Brien gets involved, the more time you and him have to analyze the facts and formulate a defense. Our attorney moves quickly to speak on your behalf and remains at your side, accessible throughout the process.

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If you need assistance in determining the best course of action for your misdemeanor or felony DUI charge, contact us online or by calling 662-655-1012 or toll free at 866-504-5969. We offer free initial consultations Monday through Friday.

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