Experienced Drug Crime Defense

Obtaining legal representation for a drug related crime is crucial due to the nature of the evidence. The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures. In some cases, an attorney may be able to have evidence successfully suppressed. That can actually destroy the State's case against a defendant.

Kevin O'Brien, an associate of the O'Brien Law Firm, LLC, is licensed only in Mississippi. He handles the criminal cases at the firm and represents individuals charged in northwestern Mississippi with drug crimes. Contact a Southaven defense attorney by calling us at 662-655-1012 or toll free at 866-504-5969.

DeSoto County Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

Our attorney does not believe that any drug crime case is too simple or too complex. You should not assume that being caught with painkillers or a small amount of marijuana is minor. If you have been arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs and/or related paraphernalia, or trafficking in illegal narcotics, you need an advocate at your side to protect your rights.

The early involvement of legal counsel allows an attorney to not only speak on your behalf, but also get to the facts of your case. Many criminal cases deal with the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution involving unreasonable searches and seizures. Southaven drug crime attorney Kevin O'Brien will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts involved with your arrest.

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If you need assistance in determining the best course of action for your misdemeanor or felony drug charge, contact us online or by calling 662-655-1012 or toll free at 866-504-5969. We offer free initial consultations Monday through Friday.

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