Defending Against Marijuana Charges

Are you awaiting trial on drug crime charges that, if you are convicted on, could put you behind bars for years?

The serious marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia charges against you call for seriously experienced criminal defense representation that protects your rights.

In Southaven, Mississippi, attorney Kevin F. O'Brien of O'Brien Law Firm, LLC, protects your rights from arrest, arraignment and indictment to investigations, trial, verdict and appeal if necessary.

As your lawyer, Kevin F. O'Brien uses his in-depth knowledge of our state's criminal justice system and relationships with prosecutors to put you in the best possible legal position after a drug crime arrest. He knows the Fourth Amendment issues that could be at play as you are prosecuted — racial profiling that may have led to your arrest, illegal search and seizure, a coerced confession, planted evidence and asset forfeiture, just to name a few.

During your free initial consultation, you can discuss your arrest in detail and in confidence. And when your work with Mr. O'Brien has concluded, you will know that your interests have been thoroughly safeguarded.

Contact us immediately if you have been arrested for marijuana possession, cultivation, distribution or importation, or use of drug paraphernalia. State attorneys could be building a credible case against you even as you read this.

Aggressive Protection Of Your Rights From O'Brien Law Firm, LLC, In Southaven

Mr. O'Brien can meet with you Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Weekend and evening appointments are available by request and initial deposit. Call toll free — 866-504-5969. You can also reach us by email message.