Helping Yourself: What To Do If You Get Pulled Over

Getting pulled over by the police has always been a source of anxiety for people. No one wants to see flashing lights in their rear view. However, with police stops being more highly publicized than ever, it is important that they follow proper procedures and people being pulled over act appropriately to ensure the interaction goes smoothly.

At O'Brien Law Firm, LLC, we work tirelessly to protect our clients' rights. It is important to us that you understand the charges you are facing after you have been pulled over. We recommend that you take some or all of the following steps to help yourself in the event of a traffic stop for speeding, drunk driving or any other suspected crimes:

Pull over immediately: When you see a police vehicle with its lights on behind you, pull over. This is important not only if you are being pulled over, but to get out of the way if the officer is just trying to get to another emergency.

Put your hands out the window: To clearly show that you do not have a weapon, are not holding anything threatening, and are attempting to cooperate right from the start, get your driver's license and proof of insurance out of where they are stored as soon as you pull over and stop, hold them in your hand and put your hands out of the window or on the wheel. This simple gesture will not only ensure your safety but will expedite the stop and will increase the likelihood of leniency by the officer.

Videotape the stop: Cellphone video is powerful evidence. If you have a passenger in the car, it would be beneficial to have that person videotape the interaction with police during the stop.

Cooperate and be polite: It is okay to stand up for yourself to the police, but it is never okay to get aggressive and belligerent. In most cases, if you are cooperating, it will put the officer at ease and to work with you instead of against you.

Have A Defense Lawyer On Your Side

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